FootTrack 1.6.1 full review

T Squared Software accurately describes FootTrack as ‘iPhoto for digital video’. The interface borrows from the classic ‘iApp’ look with the usual brushed aluminium windows. Despite being designed by a third party, FootTrack immediately feels like part of the OS.

Footage can be imported from iMovie or Final Cut (both Express and Pro variants), or captured direct from DV or analogue tape. As with Final Cut, should the source footage be DV, the timecode information is captured alongside the footage.

All footage, regardless of source, can be renamed, have its poster frame changed and a description added in a text box. This description element becomes all the more important when searching for clips at a later date. Imported/captured footage can then be arranged as groups or smart groups for convenience and all footage can be searched by all manner of criteria.

The more footage a user has, and the more effort they spend logging and describing each clip, the more indispensable they are likely to find FootTrack. The only real restriction of the shareware version is that it’s limited to two tapes worth of cataloguing so even the slightly curious are advised to give it a whirl.

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