Ford Racing 2 full review

Ford Racing 2 lets you get behind the wheel of more than 30 vintage, modern, and futuristic Ford vehicles. The lineup includes everything from a 1949 Coupe to new cars such as a race-tuned Focus hatchback. You can even go offroading with new F-150s, Explorers, the GT concept car, or a Taurus stock car.

The game pits you against computer-controlled opponents in a series of races. In addition to a standard mode, you can compete in Elimination mode, in which the last two cars in every lap are disqualified; Drafting, where you catch and eliminate your opponents by driving in their slipstreams; Driving Skills mode, which puts you through an obstacle course; and more. Do well, and you’ll unlock new cars.

As an arcade-style game, Ford Racing 2 measures up pretty well. But if you’re looking for a realistic experience, you’ll probably be disappointed.
Ford Racing 2 lacks realistic physics, which means that you won’t get a feel for how these cars handle in the real world. And like a lot of racing games that use licensed models, there’s no damage modelling – so don’t expect to see your Crown Victoria with dented fenders. That said, the game is a lot of fun.

You’ll have a better playing experience if you have a steering wheel attached to your Mac. This offers a much more natural way to control these vehicles than a keyboard and a mouse. I found Ford Racing 2’s keyboard and mouse controls to be overly sensitive. Logitech and other companies sell Mac-compatible steering wheels.

The game is pretty – not as jaw dropping as the latest racing games for consoles, but still convincing with translucent windows, paint, shadows, glow effects, and more. The audio is also effective – there are engine and tire sounds, as well as ambient effects.

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