Freedom Force full review

It?s 1962, and an evil alien warlord - Lord Dominion - is planning to attack and conquer the Planet Earth. Freedom Force is an RPG (Role Playing Game) with a difference: it has a comic-strip style; and you must create a team of heroes to thwart Lord Dominion. It has all the classic comic-book elements - narration, bright colours, a hierarchy of villains, and a plenty of heroes. None of the characters are actual comic-strip characters - they've all been created by Irrational Games, but you can always sneak in Superman or Spiderman afterwards with the custom-hero option. But don't be fooled by the bright colours and smiley heroes: this game is violent and - like all good comics - has a dark storyline. There are over 20 missions. Each character has its own powers, and is introduced by a movie showing how they acquired them. You start the game with only one hero. As you complete objectives, you gain prestige points, which allow you to train said hero, or recruit extra weirdo team members. The 3D world is interactive, allowing you, for example, to pick up park benches, or cars to throw at villains. But you must be careful not to hit innocent civilians. The main objective is to protect the population of Patriot City by fighting villains. These badies range from a Millwall-style hooligan with a baseball bat to the evil super villain. Not only must you protect the civilians, you must also make sure they have a high opinion of you - so avoid destroying buildings. Freedom Force uses the NetImmerse 3D Game Engine, and the 3D environment is pretty good, although somewhat jagged in places. Game play is impressive. Each hero has his own weaknesses, and so can't just go in to the fight foolhardily. Hence the need for a team, which enables you to counteract the weaknesses of one (not-so-super) hero with the strengths of another. The multiplayer option puts you and your team into a 3D arena where you can fight other teams - online or via a network. However, the missions are a lot more fun.
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