FTP Client Pro 3.0 full review

Almost nobody simply transfers files between computers in the same building anymore – today’s users move files over the Internet, between computers that may not even be located in the same country. File Transfer Protocol is a platform-independent method for copying files around the world, but its quirky behaviour makes it tedious for routine chores such as uploading Web-site content or updating files. The latest release of Vicomsoft’s FTP Client Pro adds features, such as file synchronization, to make these chores painless. FTP Client Pro 3.02 offers a Finder-like view of files on remote systems, with drag-&-drop support for both downloading and uploading. You can customize the view to display the particular attributes that interest you – file name, type, size, date changed, and so on – and set up remote and local file-system views side by side, for easy comparison. The utility uses suffix mapping and its Smart Translation feature – which examines the contents of files during download – to automate file-transfer conversions. It supports Windows, mainframe, AS/400, and many other proprietary-server types. If a transfer gets interrupted midstream, the program can pick up where it left off. New in this release is a sophisticated-synchronization feature that can copy changed files from a local directory to a remote one, and vice versa. The synchronization process avoids expanding compressed files, and it copies modification dates from the most current system – rather than setting them to the current date. Other file-synchronization utilities lack this feature. It also takes into account time differences with the remote location, and can operate in a two-pass mode to propagate changes in one directory to the other. A Persistent Download option means it keeps trying to download a file from a busy server while you do other work. The 3.02 release also supports a number of new server types and offers improved compatibility with existing servers. Other enhancements include a streamlined interface, audio alerts for completed and failed downloads, support for MacBinary III, direct URL parsing, and the ability to make FTP Client Pro your browser’s preferred FTP download tool.
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