Funnel Web Pro 3.0 full review

The act of in-depth Web-site traffic analysis can evoke images of Cold War espionage. Picture the scene… a sinister-looking, solitary figure tracks your every movements through a Web site, clocking which pages you looked at, how long you stayed, where you came from, and where you went when you left. In reality, spies like us are just trying to improve our Web sites by making them more user-friendly as well increase our Internet business strategies. To do this it’s important to keep a close watch on your Web-site log files. These files hold a wealth of information. You can, with the help of a decent analysis software, deduce when the busy times occur on your site, how effective different areas of the site are and assess the level of reaction to new free download offers and latest news updates. Such analysis software is sparse on the Mac, in fact Funnel Web seems to be the only choice for a professional Web-site administrator. Stream away
Funnel Web is a perfect name for this product, now upgraded to version 3.0. The sheer amount of data that can be captured about your visitors and threaded together from the server log file is incredible. Funnel Web translates it all quickly into good-looking, easy-to-understand reports. Active Concepts has enhanced version 3.0’s already wide range of features by adding more versatility with Streaming Analysis. This technology allows Funnel Web to process large log files using a small amount of RAM. The Streaming Analysis feature can also be used for real-time traffic reporting, giving you up-to-the-minute results. If you use this in conjunction with the new remote administration feature you’ll be able to access your latest site statistics on an out-of-house server. The Professional version 3.0 can now analyse your hits in real-time using a lot less RAM – this was one of the main drawbacks of the earlier versions and its nice to see it addressed and solved. This means you’ll be free from the additional task of regularly downloading log files and post-processing them on a separate Mac for extra power. Having Funnel Web constantly chugging away, logging and reporting activity on your site is a better overall solution. New to version 3.0 is the site-use notification features. Say for example, you need to be informed when the first 15 visitors to your site have entered a prize draw for a company T-shirt. Rather than having to keep a close eye on the number of entries deposited in your inbox, Funnel Web can be programmed to send you a message informing you – and as many other people as you want – of this event. Considering that your Web site is open to whole world 24-hours a day, being able to keep track of some elements such as the use of your bandwidth and checking for server or database crashes can be vital for the success of your site. The remote-administration option in the Professional version lets you check these as well as unlimited proxy and virtual domains on your network. Funnel Web 3.0 can now not only tell you when, where and how often, it can tell you what your visitors get up to, let you know when to manage them and how worthwhile your enticements are. All this background activity is essential in recognizing what needs improving on your site in order to offer the best user experience; the content, navigation stream and an idea of whether you’re attracting the kind of customer you need or enough of them to the right places. The Pro version of Funnel Web can give you a ‘Clickstream’ report showing the routes of individual users though your site. You can also generate a report for a mean path; the most frequently followed route by users. Anybody can use Funnel Web to produce fast and detailed reports on their Web-site traffic. It’s very intuitive. You simply select and process your log file hour by hour, week by week, or month by month. The flexibility of output format and level of customization available for your reports is remarkable. It can provide an instant picture of what’s happening throughout your site. You can show this information in different ways, for example as a pie chart, a 3D graph of depth and duration, by the number of visitors from certain countries of the world or how many still haven’t upgraded their browsers.
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