Gallery 1740 full review

Since Apple got into the LCD flat-panel market, other vendors have been squeezed. This summer, Apple cut prices and spoiled everybody else’s fun. However, Formac has a new LCD screen that competes with the 17-inch Studio Display. The Gallery 1740 is the first non-Apple-made monitor to use ADC (Apple Display Connector), which means power, signal and USB run through one cable. Price is going to be a factor in any buying decision. The Formac model costs £619, compared to Apple’s £699 price tag. It’s a small saving, and not enough to sway most people. However, the specifications aren’t identical – the screen size is 17.4 inches on the Formac screen, compared with 17 inches for the Studio Display. The resolution is 1,280-x-1,024 pixels on both models. Other specifications, such as brightness, are difficult to measure, and you’d be pushed to see the difference. Most of Apple’s competition is grey and bland. Formac has countered this with its own sleek, transparent design. One of the biggest criticisms of the Studio Display has been its compatibility with only new G4s. Even if you’re using an older Mac, there’s a Gallery 1740 with a VGA connection, or a DVI connection.
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