Borderlands 2 full review

We had to wait a couple of years for the original Borderlands to reach the Mac, but we’re pleased to see that Borderlands 2 has arrived just a few weeks after the release of the PC version.

It’s not, admittedly, the most original of sequels, as it essentially reworks the plot of the original game. You take on the role of a bounty hunter who has arrived on the planet Pandora in search of a vast treasure hidden in the mysterious Vault. It’s a pretty thin storyline, but the meat-and-potatoes of the game lies in its combination of all-out shoot ‘em up action and role-playing character development. It also uses the same distinctive cel-shaded graphics as the original game, which make it feel as though you’re controlling the action in a graphic novel.

In single-player mode you can choose to play as one of four different character classes. The Gunzerker is armed with heavy-duty guns that just pile on the damage, while the more lightly-armed Commando is assisted by a series of mechanical armed turrets that can take some of the heat for you. There’s also the stealthy Assassin class, and the telekinetic powers of the Siren to choose from.

As the body count piles up en route to the Vault you’ll gain experience that allows you to develop different skills, such as training your Assassin to use blades for close combat, or a sniper rifle for long-distance killing. There are also plenty of side missions that will help you to gain experience, weapons and loot


You can also go online and complete missions alongside three other people in co-op mode. However, the Mac and PC versions of the game need to be updated in sync in order for you to play with PC users, so you may sometimes find yourself looking around for players among the smaller Mac population while the Mac game waits for an update.

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