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The late 80s/early 90s were, for PC gamers, times of great excitement. Companies such as Sierra were there with adventures such as Kings Quest, Police Quest and Phamtasmagoria; Electronic Arts were there with the Ultima series and Psygnosis made their mark with games such as Lemmings.

Mac users were able to share in this excitement some of the time; with native versions of Kings Quest, Lemmings and others but over the years the ability to play these games has long since disappeared with the publishers themselves.

DOSBox is, for the technically minded, a means of running DOS-based games within modern computer system environments. It runs across many platforms - including Windows 8 and Mac OS X - but requires a certain degree of technical configuration before you can do anything with it. Boxer is a neat little app that removes the need for configuration.

Download the App, double-click 'Drop games to import' then follow the on-screen guidance to complete the install of your app into a folder on your computer. After that all you need do is double-click the icon created for the game folder and the game will begin.

As a rule of thumb if the game is supported by DOSBox it can be installed within Boxer. Full details on DOSBox support are on the DOSBox website here.

A number of companies have released their DOS based classic games for free. Games such as Beneath a Steel Sky, Apogee's Alien Carnage and Beyond Castle Wolfenstein continue to be available; and a comprehensive list of freely available PC games is on Wikipedia here.

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