City of Heroes: Freedom full review

City of Heroes is the latest multiplayer online game to go free-to-play. We loved the original, subscription-only version, so were keen to see how City of Heroes: Freedom stacks up. Seeking out our login, we checked the super-powered RPG one more time.

The first thing we noticed was a new login screen and music. It’s now easier to transfer characters between servers on the character selection screen too. Also, the developers have dropped the division between European and American servers – they’re all global now.

In-game, there are lots of new features. There’s now a built-in level-building system called Mission Architect and the content has been greatly expanded with the integration of City of Heroes’ darker twin, City of Villains.

The biggest change is the addition of an in-game store. This allows you to buy items such as costumes and powers, or become a subscriber. Several features aren’t accessible to ordinary players – including the trading system, base building, new monthly content and special trials. As a Premium or VIP subscriber, you can also choose ‘alignment’ missions to decide what kind of hero or villain you truly are.

City of Heroes is now free to play, with revamped character creation tools

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