Cube 2: Saurbraten full review

Cube 2: Sauerbraten is an open-source first-person shooter, with a twist. While current commercial game engines compete for visual supremacy, adding more and more sophisticated eye candy, Cube 2 caters for level editors. In fact, you can edit levels within the game itself. Anyone who’s struggled with unwieldy Half Life or Quake mods can probably appreciate how handy that is.

Here’s how it works. Unlike other 3D engines where you design levels in plan view, Cube 2’s editing mode is fully 3D. You simply start the game and press ‘E’ to begin editing, working with special objects called ‘octrees’; cubes made up of eight smaller cubes. To edit an octree, you hover your cursor over a corner, press ‘Q’ and move the mouse to pull out or push in a corner. You can also scale objects, edit faces and add textures – all within the game. There’s even a co-op mode that allows you to edit levels with other players over a network.

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