Flight Control HD for Mac full review

In Flight Control, players direct air traffic in a busy airport, trying to land a variety of planes and helicopters safely. You land the aircraft by drawing a path from the plane to its color-coordinated runway. When the incoming traffic becomes denser, it can be hard to manage upwards of twenty crafts without crashing any of them (which results in game over).

Levels range in difficulty and higher levels throw more planes your way, much faster. There are also various obstacles such as changing winds to avoid. Having a finely tuned sense of multitasking is the key to success in Flight Control HD.

Playing Flight Control on a Mac is something of a mixed bag. The game looks great on a larger screen: all the bright graphics and fine lines of the flight paths are much more clearly defined than on the iPad or iPhone. From a strategic perspective, it feels easier to manage multiple aircrafts on a larger screen.

However, the most important part of Flight Control HD is careful and precise maneuvering of the planes, and using a mouse doesn’t make for the most accurate of flight patterns. With the iOS devices, you use your finger to control the routes of airplanes, but on a Mac, you use a mouse or touchpad. Sadly, even the touchpad mode doesn’t compare to using the touchpad precision of the iPhone or iPad.

Another downside of the Mac version of Flight Control HD is the lack of multiplayer. The iPad version offers both 3D levels and multiplayer maps, but for the Mac version, these features still aren't available (though multiplayer has been promised by Firemint). Overall, the essence of the games is more or less identical, save that one of the iPad’s nine levels is available in 3D and there is a Steam-exclusive obstacle course level.

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