Glitch full review

Glitch is a cute, multi-user game based around building a virtual life for an online character. It gives you character-creation tools, a huge map of locations to explore, and various ways to earn in-game currency. That currency can be used to buy food and housing for your character. With 2D cartoon graphics and platform-gaming elements among the world-building tools, the open-ended premise allows you to adopt your own approach.

You could treat Glitch like Facebook’s Farmville, tending land and earning currency in the virtual economy. It can be a place to hang out with friends, complete with in-game instant messaging and online rooms. Another way to play is wander the world systematically, acquiring rewards for visiting every street.

Glitch reminds us of our earliest online experiences, using Multi User Dimensions or MUDs. It’s not quite as open-ended as those text-based worlds, but it gives that illusion. It’s compelling and fun in ways that other graphic MUDs never seemed to be.

The one thing we felt was missing was a system that allows you to team up with other players. You’re encouraged to interact with other users to complete various quests, but it’s up to you to gather friends together. An in-game tool that allowed you to build teams would be a brilliant enhancement.

Social tools and exploration make Glitch an addictive virtual economy game

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