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In recent years savvy Mac users know that there has been a renaissance in gaming. No doubt, this is partly to do with the switch to Intel architecture, making it easier to port games from the PC. iOS has also had success as a game platform.

There’s a third reason for the spike in Mac games - and that’s the rise in independent game production. We’re now well into a decade of gaming innovation unlike any since the birth of the home computer back in the 80s. And the games being produced are just as exciting.

How do you keep up with all this invention? We think there’s no better way than to take out a subscription to the Humble Bundle website. It’s a service that releases a new bundle of cross-platform independent games available for a short, fixed period of time. Once subscribed, you are notified every time a new bundle is released.

The bundles are carefully picked so you get the best games on the scene. In the last bundle, Humble Bundle V, you could get eight superb games - including Limbo, Braid and Psychonauts. Three genuine classics of recent years.

If that wasn’t enough, you set your own price for a Humble Bundle. You can pay anything you like. For the last bundle, the average Mac user paid $9.99. What’s more - you can choose where your money goes. Some of the cash goes to developers, some to Humble Bundle so that they can continue their service and some goes to charities. Humble Bundle V sold half a million copies and over generated five million dollars in profit. 

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