Left 4 Dead Bundle full review

Ever since Steam debuted on the Mac in May, there’s one title we’ve been itching to try. Left 4 Dead was the PC gaming sensation of 2008, swiftly followed by a superior sequel, Left 4 Dead 2. We have finally got to download both titles to our Mac Pro as the Left 4 Dead Bundle.

The Left 4 Dead games are first-person shooters. You’re one of four survivors of a 28 Days Later-style zombie apocalypse. With pistols, shotguns and automatic weapons handily abandoned around the landscape, you must battle your way through waves of the undead to get rescued. And when the guns run out, there are baseball bats, axes and even an occasional electric guitar to thwack your reanimated foes with.

You work through the game one campaign at a time, each three to five levels long, taking in environments like malls, sewers, a creepy old fairground or an old dockside. In single-player mode your companions are computer controlled. In online play, and here’s where Left 4 Dead gets interesting, you battle co-operatively with other gamers over the internet. With your net-connected chums you can play straight through each campaign, or choose from several modes of deathmatch play.

Our initial feelings about Left 4 Dead were ambiguous. Its success put development of the Half Life 2 sequels on indefinite hold. But there’s something compelling and exciting about the game’s co-op mode that keeps us coming back for more. And, it looks great on a Mac Pro.

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