Lego Batman 2 full review

We had to wait quite a while to see Batman: Arkham Asylum, and we’re still waiting for the excellent Arkham City to reach the Mac. However, younger bat-fans – and their parents – can while away a few rainy afternoons with Lego Batman 2, which arrives on the Mac only a few weeks after the PC version was released.

The Lego series of games has been very successful, so the developers haven’t tried to change their winning formula. Most of the time you’ll be playing as either Batman or Robin, as the dynamic duo take on the combined forces of The Joker and Lex Luthor. The action is simple but enjoyable, mostly consisting of running, jumping and constantly hitting the ‘action’ button in order to thump the hordes of hired henchman that come swarming onto each level.

Fortunately, the level design is varied and entertaining, with a number of puzzles thrown in to make you stop and think from time to time. This sequel also brings along a few of Batman’s super-pals from the Justice League, including Superman, Green Lantern, and Wonder Woman. Much of the fun lies in switching from character to character and using their different powers to solve problems and escape from tight spots.

There’s also a two-player option that allows a friend to join in and fight by your side. However, this only works if the other person is right there with you – there’s no online mode that will allow you to play with someone else over the Internet. It’s also a bit annoying that the game doesn’t really bother to provide much artificial intelligence when you’re playing on your own. If you’re playing as Batman then your sidekick – whether it’s Robin or the Man of Steel himself – just follows along aimlessly without taking part in the action. The game also works best with a USB gamepad plugged in – some actions, such as aiming the Batarang, just seem awkward when using a keyboard and mouse.

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