Minotaur in a China Shop full review

Let’s begin by stating very clearly that Minotaur in a China Shop is a browser-based game, requiring that you download and install a non-standard helper application – the Unity Viewer. We include this disclaimer because it’s a bit of pain to do. On the other hand, it gives you access to a host of free games on the same site. Swings, meet roundabouts.

So, is it any good? Put it this way, Minotaur in a China Shop is two years old – but the moment we started playing we knew it was a game we had to review. It’s not difficult to master and the graphics aren’t particularly impressive. The apparent gameplay is straightforward. You’re a Minotaur – the mythic half-man, half-bull beast of legend – and you just happen to be in charge of a china shop. Other animals wander in asking for items of crockery, as they do. You have to retrieve said items, which isn’t as easy as it sounds. You’re a Minotaur after all – and a big, clumsy one at that. So, to avoid losing money, you have to be careful not to break anything. Or do you?

Here’s where Minotaur In A China Shop becomes a game worth reviewing. The game changes when you knock stuff over. You have a choice: go into a ballistic rage and break as much as you can or continue as before, daintily fulfilling your customer’s needs. It challenges the player’s view of winning and losing because, either way, you win. You get to choose which method of gameplay works best for you.

As the game continues and you amass points, and new moves are unlocked that’ll help you progress.

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