Prince of Persia full review

Apparently, at least one more. First debuting on the Apple II, the Prince of Persia is back again. One more time. This time, it’s personal. Or something.

If it seems like I recently reviewed a Prince of Persia game, you’re not mistaken. I reviewed Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones last October. But the latest edition of Prince of Persia, released this past year for game consoles, is now on the Mac. You can thank TransGaming for the quick turnaround time.

The two games belong to different series. The Two Thrones was the final installment of The Sands of Time Trilogy, which was the first reboot of the iconic platforming franchise.

The latest Prince of Persia is the second modern reboot of the franchise. (I say “modern,” because like Mario, Sonic, and Zelda, there are many different generations and iterations of the Prince.)

I didn’t care for the story of the Sands of Time series and found the Robert Smith-like protagonist insufferable. The new Prince is slightly better, and the plot is a hell of a lot more interesting than Two Thrones.

Oddly reminiscent of the children’s animated feature Fernguli, the story this time around is about an evil god breaking out of prison, and you have to help the princess save the temple and seal the evil god back in his underground layer by healing the land.

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