Qwak full review

Back in 1989, Qwak was one of four games featured on the Play It Again Sam 10 compilation from Superior Software. At that time your reviewer was 12 years old and as a result of playing this game ended up being late for school on more than one occasion.

The object of the game is to guide a green duck through eighty levels. Fruit and gems can be collected for points, various power ups are available as you progress through the game (giving enhanced armour, weapons and so on) and enemies are destroyed by throwing eggs at them.

You can either play by yourself, or against a friend through a co-operative two player mode. You simply share the keyboard and an extra player is added to the screen.

Also supplied is a level editor; allowing you to create entirely new levels then to share them with friends via the Qwak website or your own website. The author is very open about it - he'd like to see it to grow somewhat in stature as a result of the people playing the game creating challenges for others.

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