Restaurant Empire 2 full review

The ‘tycoon’ genre of games was oddly popular a few years ago, with dozens of games that put you in charge of restaurants, hotels, theme parks and suchlike. Restaurant Empire 2 is a rather belated addition to the genre – the Windows version was originally released back in 2009, and the somewhat chunky 3D graphics do look a bit dated.

However, Restaurant Empire 2 is good value if you’re a fan of this type of game.

The original Restaurant Empire game never made it to the Mac, but it’s actually included here along with the sequel so you’re effectively getting two full games for just over £10.

The first game casts you in the role of Armand Leboeuf, a newly qualified young chef faced with the task of restoring the family restaurant to its former glories. The sequel then goes on to show Armand that success brings its own problems.

You can design your own theme restaurant and menu

Armand is enjoying the perks of becoming a celebrity chef, but his wife – the aptly named Delia – wants to cook up a culinary career of her own. The pair soon find themselves at odds, as Delia decides to set up her own little café, while Armand continues to focus on his restaurant.

The game very much focuses on the management side of the restaurant business, allowing you to set up shop in cities such as Munich, Paris, Los Angeles and Rome. There are hundreds of different items of furniture that you can use when designing your eatery, and different types of dishes and cuisine that you can serve up to attract new clients.  

The sequel game consists of 16 different missions that you have to complete in order to achieve success – and restore marital harmony for Armand and Delia – and there’s also a ‘sandbox’ mode that allows you to jump in and just build up a successful restaurant business from scratch.

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