Scorched 3D full review

Scorched 3D is a direct clone of the original Scorched Earth, updated with modern graphics and gameplay. Curiously, Scorched 3D began life as a 3D landscape generator, which explains the varied and detailed terrain where battles are based. The weather even changes as you play, from clear skies to snow flurries. While Scorched Earth and Worms were 2D games with a side perspective, Scorched 3D lets you move the camera around the playing area using the number pad or mouse as you determine the best pitch and force to obliterate your opponent.

Like its predecessors, Scorched 3D is surprisingly addictive for a game with such a simple and repetitive premise. Essentially, you pick a target, adjust rotation, angle and power, then click fire. Repeat until either you or your enemy are destroyed. There are various weapons to choose from that can be bought as the game progresses including lasers that cut through the bumpy terrain and nuclear warheads. It’s a game that has to be practised and mastered in order to become a consistent winner; and that explains most of its attraction.

In Scorched 3D there are further incentives. You can play competitive games over a local area network or connect to multiplayer servers. The stakes always seem a little higher when you’re a battling a real person rather than a computer opponent.

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