Scrabble Plus full review

Scrabble Plus is the latest in a long line of computerised versions of the wordy board game, pleasantly priced so that it costs quite a bit less than the real thing. And, being digital there are extra features that you won’t get from the big box you buy in Toys R Us. For example, you can play Battle Scrabble – a variation of the game that requires two boards and two bags of letters in the world of flesh – without the need to purchase a second Scrabble set or get your friends to bring their copy round.

The real test of a Scrabble game, though, is how well the basic game plays, and in Scrabble Plus it plays very well indeed. The board looks brilliant – much better than the tatty cardboard one we have on the bookshelf. There are faux wooden tiles and a brightly coloured background. Rules can be customised so you can allow hints, dictionary use and exclude swear words. The game engine automatically enforces the rules you’ve chosen, naturally. That’s the real appeal of any virtual Scrabble game; it lets you concentrate on playing, instead of scoring or looking up rules to make sure a word is valid.

Playing against the computer is great fun, with eight difficulty levels from novice to genius, but Scrabble’s best when played with a friend. Here, gameplay differs slightly from the real game. You only get to see your next set of tiles when your partner’s played their turn. This means you don’t get to plan your move during their go, so you may find yourself quite bored between turns. You could also be sneaky and make a note of their tiles if you’re a dirty cheater.

There are three other variations available in the game – two dual board games in Battle and Wizard Scrabble – and the rather pointless ‘Golf’ version.

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