Vendetta Online 1.8 review

The last time we reviewed multiplayer game Vendetta Online was way back in 2005. While not much has changed with the basic gameplay, the client, the virtual world and its citizens have certainly moved on.

Billed as a space combat game, Vendetta Online is more like a multiplayer version of the classic space trading epic Elite. We reviewed the open source map port Oolite several moons ago.

You start your space-faring life as a lowly trader from one of three races: the peace-loving Itani, the Itani-hating Serco or the maverick Independents. Each has its own more nuanced traits.

Though it’s as complex a game as its inspiration (there are, for example, two completely different flight modes, galaxies to navigate through and completely separate commerce section), a series of gentle tutorials guide you gently towards competence. When you’re ready to be let loose in the universe, you’ll be able to take your pick of available missions.

Like Elite, Vendetta Online’s gameplay is very much up to the individual. You can choose to be a bit of a pirate, chasing other ships and looting their cargo, or you can be the intergalactic equivalent of a long-distance lorry driver – trundling between galaxies with your goods, admiring the (very pleasant) view.

The big difference is that Vendetta allows you to interact with others, form alliances and even battle other players. This brings a dimension to the gameplay that no in-game artificial intelligence can currently emulate convincingly.


Compared to some massively multiplayer online games, Vendetta runs a little slowly. But costing as little as £5 a month, it’s relatively inexpensive. More important, it’s a great deal of fun.

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