You are the Ghost Master. It’s a nasty job, but you’re dying to do it. Sure, death needs time for what it kills to grow in, but lighten up – it’s harvest time. You choose a squad of haunters – assorted spooks, ghouls and spectres, and infest a house of humans. Victory goes to the hardest-haunting. Control the squad, solve puzzles – and scare those mortals out. As you advance through the 15 levels, you learn to use your units to affect the behaviour of the living. It’s tough, but it’s a real scream. Ghost Master is The Sims in a ‘Negativeland’ expansion set. Gameplay is incredibly similar to The Sims, complete with oddly amusing, comic-sounding voices, human characters moving like automatons, and a challenging set of micro-management tasks to complete. This title offers Sims-like gameplay within an engagingly humourous, well-executed story line. It offers fans of that game a refreshing new experience. This game will push your system to its limits. Like each generation of games, this season’s titles benefit from extra processor power, and Ghost Master’s no exception. Ambitious Ghost Masters should grow familiar with the control system of the game – this learning curve could interrupt fast-track enjoyment of the title, but the charm and humour of its concept kept me hooked, despite the lack of multiplayer features. The game’s animations are excellent, and the cast of unexpected characters you’ll come across should keep a smile on your face.


In this case, try before you buy, but I think this title is a perfect addition to any Sims gamer’s collection. Beyond this, it’ll divert and amuse anybody looking for fun more than complex gameplay. On the downside, Ghost Master needs a highly specified Mac, offers no multiplayer option, and doesn’t have a level or even a spook editor. The developers would be making a shrewd move if they produce expansion packs for Ghost Master. Stay in this Halloween.

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