Gold Miner Joe full review

Gold Miner Joe is a fun, platform action game by Mac Joy. In it, you command Joe, a bearded miner who must make his way through 50 levels of mines as he collects gold, finds hidden treasure, and avoids his foes—including the pesky Kentucky brothers, who hide in barrels and try to shoot poor Joe right in the backside.

Joe runs and jumps from platform to platform. He can shimmy down poles, climb up ladders and ropes, run on moving conveyor belts, and more as he collects gold nuggets. Since he’s a cartoon character, Joe can fall great distances without injuring himself. However, he can’t swim, so you’ll need to be careful to keep him dry.Help him collect all the gold nuggets, and you’ll fill up your Gold-O-Meter (a thermometer bar at the top of the screen) and move on to the next level.

Each level includes checkpoints that serve as restart locations if Joe is knocked out of commission. You’ll also come across Save maps, which present you with a pass code that you can use at the beginning of a game to save your starting point. While I would have preferred a more conventional saving system, this is an acceptable alternative.

Production quality in the game is excellent. Gold Miner Joe has an old-school, 16-bit console look. The music adds to the retro feel; it’s upbeat, bouncy, and appropriately video game-ish—though it does tend to get repetitive after a while.

The game supports joysticks and game pads. Although you can opt to play in full-screen or windowed mode, I’d stick with full-screen mode. In windowed mode the graphics are a little too small (depending, of course, on the native resolution of your display).

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