Google Nexus 7 full review

Google has released a new Android-based tablet called the Google Nexus 7 which is making a few waves at the moment. Our friends on PC Advisor picked up an early unit, and we thought it best to take a look.

The iPad has seen off a fair amount of competition, even moreso than the iPhone which despite its wild popularity has less market dominance than the iPad. Remember the BlackBerry Playbook and HP Touchpad?

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Apple has this market pretty much to itself with 70% of the market all going for iPad. Still, that’s 30% of the market going elsewhere, and it’s largely not going anywhere good at the moment. Mostly on cheaper Android powered tablets that offers small screens, underpowered processors, poor screens, and the such. 

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Enter the Google Nexus 7. This has two aces up its sleeve: The first is price: an 8GB model is just £159; whereas £199 gets you a 16GB model. A teardown by iSuppli has indicated that component costs are around $150 which means Google is probably just about breaking even, or perhaps taking a loss on each device.

Google Nexus 7

This tells you much about Android’s position in the tablet market. Apple dominates tablets with the iPad, despite wide competition, and with Microsoft getting ready to enter Google has to do something before Android is completely sidelined.

The second Ace (or well King at least) is quality. Put your Apple brand loyalty to one side for a moment and you'll see that the Google Nexus 7 is a well-built device, with competent internal components, fast enough to run the Android operating system smoothly, it has a good responsive multi-touch display.

All for £159.

Apple already has a budget tablet of sorts. Last year’s iPad 2 model which it still sells for £329. But there’s a big difference in take-up with consumer technology between devices that cost over £300 and those that go under £200, even more pronounced when the device goes under £100.

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