Grand Central Pro 3 full review

Hermstedt, the market leader in ISDN hardware and software, has just released the latest version of Grand Central Pro, and it includes a facility for non-ISDN communications. This means you will be able to use the functions of GC Pro without having ISDN. GC Pro enables a Mac to talk to other machines and to transfer files. Initially, this meant deciphering all the languages spoken by ISDN cards internationally. The new version adds to this by allowing file transfer over IP – such as ADSL. Usually, Internet connections would need a static IP address to be used for file transfers with FTP. This is fine for big companies, but smaller businesses don’t necessarily have a static IP address. Instead, a dynamic IP address is used, which can change without warning. To solve this problem, GC Pro 3 will connect to the Leonardo Service Directory when it goes online later this year. Users that have dynamic IP addresses register with the Leonardo Directory and then keep it updated. GC Pro still supports ISDN solutions, and can handle dozens of connections at once – simultaneously sending, receiving and providing Internet connectivity. This is possible using multiple ISDN cards, or a single 30-channel card such as the Hermstedt Angelo. The rest of GC Pro 3 is much the same as version 2. It still has hardware compression when it talks to other Hermstedt cards, but it does include e-t-f JobTicket for tracking jobs. If attempting to send to a GC Pro site, almost any protocol is supported.
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