Graphic Converter 3.8.2

The shareware feature in April’s issue of Macworld listed a Top 10 of products that included GraphicConverter. From modest beginnings in 1991, as a very basic graphic format converter, it has blossomed into one of the all-time gems of the shareware world. Its functionality allows most users to achieve results that non-creatives use Photoshop for – and at less than five per cent of the price. Older and wiser
GraphicConverter has grown into a mature product, that now imports over 130 file formats and saves to more than 40. These include the various types of GIF and TIFF, EPS – although importing requires the aid of either EPStoPICT or GhostScript – and JPEG, through to many cross-platform formats and layered Photoshop images. It sports a comprehensive batching facility, and can also be used to create a slideshow from the graphics contents of a folder. GraphicConverter also handles basic image editing – such as colour depth, brightness, contrast, invert, mirror and rotate. It also features effects like gamma correction, sharpen edges, vectorize and a number of dithering options. And, it can use almost any Photoshop-compatible plug-in. Version 3.8 corrected a whole slew of bugs and added numerous new formats and a couple of important features: TWAIN import and AppleScript support.


Contextual menus, Navigation Services, excellent overview and close-up detail windows, Mac OS 9 compatibility – GraphicConverter really is a superb product. It can handle formats no other programs will touch – a real boon for anyone working with graphics, especially those intended for Web use. Moreover, it is maintained and improved frequently by Thorsten Lemke, the author, and in the six years I’ve been a registered user I’ve never had to pay an upgrade fee. Just count up how much those Photoshop upgrades have cost you – and then pay your registration fee for GraphicConverter after trying the latest version on Macworld’s main cover CD this month.

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