Live Interior 3D 1.2 full review

Live Interior 3D 1.2 is a 3D interior design program aimed at consumers who want to refurnish or remodel a room, office, kitchen, or other interior.

You draw your room in the 2D Plan view, where it’s a snap to add walls, floors, and ceilings with specific dimensions. Adding doors and windows is as easy as finding the item you want in the library and dragging and dropping it on to your wall.

Once you create your basic room, you can place furniture and other objects from the materials and objects libraries into it via drag and drop. You can view your model in 3D mode at any time. Most of the furniture looks nice in the 2D view, and you can easily move and rotate the furniture into the positions you want. Some objects, however, do not present any visual information beyond a bounding rectangle while in 2D mode. This is true, for instance, of the kitchen cabinets. So, if you try to create a kitchen, you cannot tell which way your cabinets are oriented until you view your model in 3D.

Live Interior 3D is easy to use out of the box and the interface is nice looking. Unfortunately, the program has a few quirks and flaws. For instance, the Snap feature (a common element of drawing programs that helps you place objects precisely) does not always work the way you’d expect, nor does it give enough visual feedback (such as a dot appearing next to the cursor or movement of the object) to confirm that your object is placed correctly. You always need to check the 3-D view to make sure your room looks the way you intend.

Live Interior 3D comes with an extensive object and materials library, which is quite fun to play with. BeLight has tried to include many products from actual manufacturers and the company should concentrate on adding more items, as it is often hard to find furniture, cabinets, or other objects that come close to those you want to see in your model.

The best overall feature of Live Interior 3D is its well-integrated access to the online Google 3D Warehouse. There are thousands of models available from this free library and you can use Live Interior 3D to browse and import most items with a mouse click.

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