Marked full review

Markdown is a markup language that lets you write for the web using plain text and a simple formatting syntax. Marked is a utility that provides live previews of those Markdown-formatted files – it shows you what they will look like when converted to HTML or XHTML. 

Drag any Markdown-formatted document (or text, HTML, or MultiMarkdown document) onto the Marked icon and Marked opens a window showing a preview of what that document will look like when rendered in HTML. Regardless of which program you’re using to edit that document, when you save, Marked updates its preview to reflect changes.

Marked may sound similar to the built-in Markdown-preview feature of OS X text editors, such as BBEdit and iA Writer. But Marked’s previews are more flexible and customisable, and provide writing-focused tools for analysing your documents and for exporting their content.

For example, Marked offers preview styles and you can add your own CSS templates. You can also make your text larger or smaller, or invert the preview’s colours.

See what your Markdown formatted files will look like when coverted to HTML or XHTML with Marked. 

If your document has section headers you can view a list of those sections, letting you jump to any part of the document. There’s also a Find command to locate words and phrases.

While previewing a file, Marked provides statistics like the document’s word count. Marked also offers a unique Visualize Word Repetition feature that shows your document with repeated words in bold. 

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