Panorama2Flash full review

The clue’s in the name with this one. Panorama2Flash creates Flash movies from panoramic photos, doing the job in just a few clicks. Import an image into the application, tweak the settings, and click ‘Publish’. You’ll have an interactive Shockwave Flash version of your panorama – with very little fuss.

Of course, there’s a little more to it than that. With Panorama2Flash much of the advanced stuff is hidden in the Settings section or happens behind the scenes. It doesn’t really matter what kind of source image you use so long as it’s panoramic. Traditionally, these are long, seamless images made from a sequence of shots taken in a 360-degree circle. You can create them yourself by stitching together images shot taken from a tripod, or find ready-made panoramas on the web. The application can handle cubic, spherical, and cylindrical views.

Panorama2Flash maps these images in 3D virtual space, enabling you to explore the image as though it were a 3D environment (along the horizontal axis). You can rotate from left to right, zoom in and out and even view playback at fullscreen size. Add an extra dimension by including ceiling and floor images.

At the Settings stage you can change the viewer size, customise the Flash loading bar and change the tilt, rotation, speed and other parameters.

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