Genius G-Pen M712 Tablet review

With its sights squarely on the Wacom market, the Genius tablet aims to offer a similar experience at a fraction of the price.

At first glance it’s obvious that corners have been cut. The build quality isn’t quite as robust as on a Wacom, and the level of styling and overall finish is lower. The pen is comparatively chunky, with an internal battery, and the buttons feel slightly flimsy.

First attempts at drawing created a screechy fingernails-on-blackboard sound, but after a minute or so of random scribbling it disappeared. The surface isn’t quite as smooth as the competition, but it’s very, very close. The Mac drivers make it easy to assign the function ‘keys’.


Unfortunately, the tablet doesn’t play well with a mouse – it works best as a replacement – and the drivers aren’t entirely bullet-proof. But otherwise, this is 80 per cent of a Wacom A4 for a third of the price.

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