Elan Passport full review

We've tested quite a few iPad cases here at Macworld, and the Griffin Elan Passport is one of the best we've looked at so far.

Made of leather, and folding like a book, the Elan Passport gives the iPad an executive look and feel. This is definitely the case for the aspiring professional looking to give the iPad a more business-like look.

The iPad slots into the right side of the case, courtesy of four leather straps, one for each corner. These are slightly annoying in that they cover some of the iPad buttons, such as the Home/Lock button. But it can still be pressed through the strap so it doesn't hamper functionality.

On the left side of the inside case sits a sleeve for holding papers, and three credit-card sized slits for holding business cards and suchlike. The whole thing is bound together with a leather strap.

And that's it. There's nothing fussy or high tech about this case, but it's practical, stylish, and obviously aimed at a professional audience that wants to make the iPad look slightly more businesslike while protecting it at the same time.

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