Hard Disk ToolKit 3.0 full review

As in previous incarnations of Hard Disk ToolKit, the core application formats and partitions drives, installs drivers, lets you configure installed drivers, and tests drives for errors. Version 3.0 adds a bit of window dressing, such as tabs in the user interface, but most of the changes lie under the hood. With the integration of RAID ToolKit, you can now create striped, spanned, and mirrored RAID arrays from within Hard Disk ToolKit. The IDE driver now supports the hugely-useful SCSI Disk Mode for PowerBooks, and the SCSI driver offers improved performance and compatibility – for example, FWB has updated the driver for removables to resolve a long-standing problem that thwarted attempts to repair removable media with Apple’s Disk First Aid utility. A smaller but particularly welcome change is the ability to update the driver on the current start-up disk. Unfortunately, this update doesn’t give security the attention it deserves. Unlike Apple’s Password Security control panel, Hard Disk ToolKit demands that you enter a separate password for every partition; ideally, there should be an option for entering a single password for each drive. And although FWB touts the program’s encryption as “rock-solid,” it doesn’t offer any data to back up this claim. Any worthwhile encryption scheme must withstand public scrutiny, yet FWB remains mum about its technology. Network Associates’ PGPDisk, despite its limitations, is a much better solution for storing encrypted data.
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