AKG K67 Tiësto full review

AKG's K67 Tiësto over-ear headphones offer strong sound quality and fashion styling.

Not having heard of DJ/producer Tiësto, we probably aren’t the target audience for this new range of headphones. However, AKG insists the AKG K67 Tiësto headphones aren't just aimed at clubbers.

Priced at £99, the AKG K67 Tiëstos are primarily sold through AKG’s network of specialist audio stores, and it’s probably a good idea to try and listen to them in a showroom in order to see if they suit your personal musical tastes. There are two other models in the Tiësto range, with the K167 (£199) for use in clubs and the K267 (£329) for professional DJs.

The chunky design is just the sort of thing that’s currently in vogue for wearing outdoors – preferably on top of a woolly hat – and the large padded earpieces fit right over your ears and do a good job of blocking out background noise. The closed-back design should keep most of the sound in too, so hopefully you won’t annoy the people around you if you’re wearing them in public. The AKG K67 Tiësto headphones' earpieces also fold flat so that you can easily slip them into a backpack when you’re not using them.

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AKG K67 Tiësto headphones review

As you might expect, the key feature of the AKG K67 Tiësto headphones is their strong bass output, and they do produce a really deep, full sound that is ideal for dance music. However, the bass doesn’t overwhelm the mid-range and higher frequencies, so the headphones do work well with rock and pop music too – although I’m not sure I’d recommend them to the Radio 3 classical crowd.

AKG K67 Tiësto headphones review

AKG K67 Tiësto headphones review

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