Altec Lansing iMT630 full review

Altec Lansing has several sets of travel speakers in its inMotion range, but the iMT630 is the most recent addition to the range and has perhaps the best overall sound.

At first glance, the iMT630 looks rather bulky, as the main speaker panel is a full 310mm long and stands 135mm high. However, the panel is only 35mm thick, so you can still slip it into a backpack or travel bag without too much trouble. It’s not too heavy either, weighing only 425g, which is about the same as a tin of beans.

There’s a space-saving retractable dock for the iPod and iPhone, and a secondary input socket around the back for connecting an iPad or other audio source. However, there’s no Bluetooth for a wireless connection.

Altec never likes to quote output wattage for its speakers, but the iMT630 produces a nice full sound that is loud enough to fill a holiday apartment or to liven up a BBQ should the sun manage to make an appearance at any point during this summer. The bass is reasonably solid given the thinness of the speaker panel, but the iMT630 might not be the best choice for listening to thumping drum ‘n bass tracks.

The speaker includes a built-in rechargeable battery that should last for up to seven hours, so it’ll see you through most of the day – or night – when you’re boogying on the beach. However, Altec gets a slap on the wrist for not bothering to include a carrying case.

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