Altec Lansing Muzx Ultra full review

The Muzx Ultra sit at the top of Altec Lansing’s recently launched earphones line-up. Glossy black with a gold trim accent, the earbuds come with four different-sized silicon tips to ensure a perfect fit in your ear canal, isolating any background noise.

The Altec Lansing Muzx Ultra medium earbuds fit our ears perfectly, blocking out most background noise and providing uninterrupted listening. Sound quality was clear and crisp, with deep bass notes.

We were impressed with the Altec Lansing Muzx Ultra's gold-plated 3.5mm connector, which is surrounded in sleek black acrylic. It survived where other earbuds have split or broken when put up against our rough-handling tests.

The earbuds have a specially designed cable that, according to Altec Lansing, minimises friction noise. The cord connected to each earbud can easily be adjusted to create a loop, which can be used to quickly and easily remove the earbuds from your ears. This prevented us from pulling on the cable to remove the Muzx Ultra.

The Altec Lansing Muzx Ultra earphones can be used with any MP3 player, but an inline remote means they really come into their own when used with an iPhone 3GS or 4, iPad, iPod touch (2G or later) or iPod nano (4G and 5G). Using this, you can play, pause and skip through tracks, as well as adjust the volume. The remote includes a microphone, too, so iPhone users can take calls without needing to talk into their handset.

Bundled with the Altec Lansing Muzx Ultra earbuds is a soft carry case for safe storage when not in use.

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