AOC e2795Vh full review

One of the bigger screens in this roundup, the 27in LED-backlit AOC e2795Vh sports a solid, if not overly stylish look, with a bigger back than some because of the integrated power supply. It fits easily onto the stand and has decent movement on the vertical axis. 

The controls are on the front, underneath, and are easy enough to use when tweaking settings. There are USB interfaces on the side, but the main D-Sub, HDMI and DVI interfaces are underneath the back shelf, which makes them hard to access. As with almost all the panels here, the maximum resolution is HD, which is 1,920 x 1,080, but on a 27in display that means some fairly large pixels. The upshot of this is that it exposes any image flaws or ropey-looking fonts. Word processing is fine, but the text can look less smooth than you might be used to. 

On a solid white test the top of the screen has a slightly yellow tinge to it. On a solid black screen there’s a little light on the right and bottom edges. Viewing across the entire screen shows few problems with the viewing angle – you can move around and not lose sense of what you’re doing in the picture, which is very good for a TN panel. The matt finish to the screen means that colours are good with no problems with reflections. Looking at the black-white gradient there are more subtle shades in the highlight areas compared to the shadows, which are cruder in comparison. 

The standout feature of the AOC panel, besides the general size and good quality build, is the 2ms refresh rate. There were no issues with blurring when putting all kinds of high-speed action through it. On the gamut tests the results were 98 per cent of sRGB, 75 per cent of Adobe RGB and 70 per cent of NTSC, which are about average for the panels in this test. 

The AOC e2795Vh offers a lot of screen real estate for your money, good sRGB coverage and the sharpest display on test

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