AOC G2460PQU full review

The 144Hz refresh rate makes the display and all motion on it as smooth as silk, ideal for fast moving games and video.

There are times when you need a monitor for high speed refresh rates, rather than colour accuracy and this is where the AOC G2460P is aimed with a blistering 1ms grey to grey response rate and a lightning fast 144Hz refresh rate. Out of the box this Twisted Numatic panel has a solid feel with a brushed grey plastic bevel and a sizeable rear platform housing the PSU and electronics. The stand is ready fitted, just requiring the base to be added. The display then swivels through into an upright position if required. The interfaces are all on the underside of the rear panel and include an analogue D-Sub, DVI-D, HDMI and DisplayPort. There are also four USB 2.0 ports, including two in a hub on the side, one of which is a fast-charger that can recharge appliances three times faster than the others. Finally there’s a headphone jack or you can use the built-in speakers. The controls for the monitor are physical buttons so that operating the menus is relatively simple.

The difference between 60Hz refresh and 144Hz refresh rates is quite significant but you’ll need the graphics hardware, like from a Mac Pro, that supports such a rate or it may be limited to 60Hz which loses the point of having it. Even moving windows around the screen becomes much smoother and slicker, never mind throwing some moving images from video and games up there. 

There are four USB ports for charging peripherals, including one super-charger on the side that does it three-times faster.

The characteristics for this panel are aimed around motion, whether that’s video or gaming, and the specs reflect that. The response is that sizzling 1ms which means there is no ghosting at all and with the fast refresh rate it delivers a very smooth experience. The brightness too has plenty of clout with 350cd/m2 and in practice you don’t need to use all of it unless sat in direct, bright sunlight. The contrast for static images is only 1000:1 and this shows up looking at details in highlight and shadow areas. The top 5% of the highlights are pretty vague, but this isn’t an issue for the target audience. The dynamic contrast is rated at 80,000,000:1. In terms of build quality, it’s quite good so that while there is a small amount of light leak, there’s nothing significant anywhere and corners on white screens don’t darken noticeably. On solid colour tests the viewing angles do show variation if you move anywhere near off centre. Even sat straight on there’s variation anyway, with the top part of the monitor giving darker, richer colours than the bottom half, especially when looking at reds. 

As a TN panel, this is at the higher end in terms of quality. Yes, it isn’t a patch on an IPS panel, but that’s not the intention here. Where the AOC G2460P delivers is in terms of gaming and video and here it really does shine.

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