AOC Q2963Pm review - Impressive ultra-wide 29in display with 2560px resolution

An ultra-wide display with a 2560px resolution, a stylish cabinet and good brightness consistency all over.

It’s time to go wide again with the second of the ultra- wide panels in this round up. Like the NEC model, this is 29in of LCD screen, with LED backlighting and a resolution of 2560 x 1080 pixels. But that’s where the similarity stops. The AOC is lighter at 6.9kg, arguably much more stylish with a gun-metal grey finish, and is shorter.

In fact, the Q2963 slides onto a short stand which has all the interfaces, power socket and speakers built into it. It means that the monitor is much lower on the desk than any of the others. It tilts up, but doesn’t rotate on the base.

There are interfaces for DisplayPort, dual-link DVI-D, MHL, HDMI and D-Sub VGA. The speakers take a 3W amplifier and overall power consumption is specified at a 65W maximum. The main power transformer sits on the floor separately. On the right are a set of stubby push buttons that are used to navigate the menu. The system is not the most natural to use.

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Brightness consistency was very good, with the bottom right side corner being the only area of much difference, the worst part being 6.2% dimmer at 100% Brightness and at 50% Brightness there was only one area at 3.5% dimmer. Colour uniformity was good, if not great, with the bottom left and middle areas showing variation up to 4.5 Delta- E, the bottom right being 3.0 and everywhere else at under 2.5 at 100% Brightness. With the Brightness at 67% this improved to the bottom left at 2.4 Delta-E and everywhere else under 2.0. The gamut coverage was pretty good with 98% of sRGB and 80% of Adobe RGB and at this point things were neck and neck with the NEC panel. However, the AOC panel is £200 cheaper and colour accuracy is where this comes home to roost. A number of the colours were out by more than 3.0 Delta- E, with only dark blue being less, giving an overall average 2.59 of Delta-E. That’s still third-best out of the group of six though. The brightness was supposed to be 300 cd/m2 but in our test a little lower at 240 cd/m2 while the rated 1000:1 contrast ratio delivered 530:1 in practice.

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