Audeo Perfect Fit full review

Often, when earphones are described as ‘perfect fit’, we’re dubious. But with the Audeo PFE 132s, we found the statement to be pretty much true. Phonak are known for producing hearing aids designed be worn all day long, so comfortable fits are the company’s expertise.

The earphones come with four different ear tips: small, medium and large silicone tips, and a medium-sized pair of Comply Foam tips. You can also attach ear guides for added comfort and security, but we found that even without them, the PFE 132s were secure.

Overall, the sound quality is impressive, but lacked bass punch, making the tonal balance slightly uneven. The PEF 132s make up for this with incredible-sounding vocals and clear, crisp acoustics. Classical also sounded fabulous, with every instrument articulated accurately.

Included with the earphones is a box of acoustic filters. These make the earphones significantly more bassy, although not enough to completely satisfy when taking into consideration the price of the set. Plus, the filters are fiddly to put on, and easy to lose.

Audeo’s earphones fit comfortably in the ear and sound great

The on-cable remote control and microphone is positioned in the ideal place for taking calls, but being so high up on the cable makes it awkward to reach the buttons. Also, the buttons are very small, and hard to press. Once you find them, however, they are responsive and make changing the track or volume easy.

In the box, there is a small carry case for your earphones and their accessories.

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