Audio Pro Addon T10 full review

There are loudspeakers that try to impress you with their swoopy styling. And then there are speakers that unashamedly plump for the traditional square box, like the Audio Pro Addon T10.

But unlike regular hi-fi speakers that come in separate left/right pairs, the Addon T10 follows the idea of the Apple’s only attempt at a music system, the iPod Hi-Fi, a one-box speaker with central bass driver and stereo treble drivers either side on the same front baffle.

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This is a smaller take though, just 320 mm wide and 166 mm high. The cabinet is MDF, here finished in a clean matt-white paint with bold black circles for the 110 mm bass driver and 20 mm soft-dome tweeters. Denying complete visual symmetry is an additional small black disc below the left tweeter, which serves as an IR receiver and home to small LED indicator light. It’s dim blue when in standby, bright blue when using Bluetooth as source, and flashing blue when pairing over Bluetooth. There are two more inputs on the back panel, stereo RCA phono and 3.5mm minijack, flagged as active by red and green lights respectively.

Inside the electronics are supported on a large circuit board behind a metal backplate. This holds a CSR Bluetooth receiver, switch-mode power supply and three-channel Class D amplifier.

The amp is specified as 40W for the bass speaker and 20W each to the tweeters. Helping the efficiency of the system, especially for the low notes, is a tuned port arrangement which vents through an oblong aperture at the back.

Build quality is very tidy, closer to that of real high-fidelity loudspeakers with its rather four-square aspect and absence of plastic trim or mouldings.

To control the unit Audio Pro there’s a lovely solid-feeling metal remote control. You won’t want to lose this though – you’ll never change inputs or be able to Bluetooth pair again as there are no controls on the T10 box itself. Volume is also solely changed with this remote, and there is no indication of playback level anywhere.

Audio Pro Addon T10: Sound quality

Behind this single-box loudspeaker lies some real drive and upper bass weight. There’s a sense of power behind drums and bass instruments, linking to a smooth blend between the main driver and the tweeters which gives a relatively neutral and uncolored midband. Singing and spoken voices are delivered reasonably well, if with boxy chestiness.

Listening further down the scale, bass could be uneven and lumpy but for the most part it remained clearly pitched, allowing bass lines to be heard. Pile on some reggae though and you may find it all overblown, as we did with a bloated-sounding Bob Marley compilation.

Elsewhere we found it nimbler though, with the lighter fretless bass work in a live Dave Brubeck recording of Concord on a Summer’s Night coming out well.

Beyond the blended midrange the T10 could get unsettling with a gritty treble quality when provoked by electric guitars, steel-strung acoustic and cymbals. Piano overtones sounded thin and honky-tonk.

Stereo soundstaging was limited, in part because tweeter centres lie only 225 mm apart, while the square-edged cabinet probably contributed to the contained, box-bound sound.

Like most Class D-fueled speakers, dynamics were very good, letting the Addon T10 sound loud and exciting. This speaker was by far the loudest and most room-filling small speaker we’ve heard, while remaining free of gross distortion and most cabinet rattles, notwithstanding some box grumbles playing Massive Attack’s Blue Lines.

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