Audéo PFE 122 full review

Phonak is best known as a maker of stylish hearing aids, recently picking up an IF Design Award for its Audéo Mini and Audéo Smart products. The company’s also crafted some iPhone-focused in-ear buds for discerning audiophiles, and its latest model includes a built-in microphone and playback control.

The Audeo PFE 122’s design isn’t notable from a aesthetic point of view, but ergonomically and audio-wise it’s a different matter. The PFE 122 has outstanding sound reproduction but its quality is about much more than that.

The PFE 122 comes with more options than a S-Class Mercedes. In the box are the usual three buds pairs, one pair of medium-sized ComplyFoam buds, two sets of audio filters, a pair of silicone ear guides, a case and a cleaning tool. It’s a shame that only medium-sized Comply Foam buds are included, as these memory foam-type shape themselves inside your ears to block out almost all noise, while staying more comfortable and holding in better than standard in-ear buds.

The audio filters sit inside each earphone’s tube and affect the tone of the sound produced: grey ones for a focus on midtones, black for treble and bass. Which you should plump for is a personal preference based on your hearing.

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