Axtremex Micro SSD 256 GB full review

Tiny flash-based device that shows what USB 3.0 is capable of.

Axtremax’s Micro SSD is a tiny flash drive sporting up to 256 GB of storage, all enclosed in a very palmable and tactile slim aluminium pebble.

Outwardly it’s a simple object, 58g of satin-finished metal with a chamfered top, rounded corners, and a single Micro-USB 3.0 port. 

The drive is built around a Toshiba mSATA SSD, and available in capacities from 32 to 256 GB. In charge of SATA-to-USB conversion is an ASMedia ASM1053 chip. It’s with the help of this second-generation single-chip USB 3.0 solution that the Micro SSD can use new UASP technology to let USB 3.0 perform successfully.  

Sequential writes on the Mac were around 426 MB/s and reads reached as high as 428 MB/s, best-case with 2-10 MB test data.  

Blackmagic Disk Speed Test set a trickier challenge with sustained throughput, and here the Micro SSD could still maintain 395 MB/s of continuous writing, and 433 MB/s reading. In short, this is a remarkably fast flash drive, and the fastest overall USB 3.0 device we’ve measured in the lab. 

By using a Toshiba SSD, the Micro SSD’s internal storage also does not suffer any slowdown with media files, in contrast to the Elgato with its SandForce-based SanDisk SSD.

In use, the Micro SSD’s metal case could get a little warmer when stressed by benchmark testing but not worryingly so. In normal use we experienced no heat issues. The more worrying issue with the Micro SSD is that you may accidentally lose it, being so small and low in weight.

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