BoomCAN full review

Another marvellously portable speaker unit for the outward-bound iPhone owner, Scosche’s BoomCAN has a great look, petite dimensions and a respectable sound – although it can’t match the more expensive X-mini model we look at above.

With the proportions of a drinks can shrunken to a height of about 55mm, the BoomCAN fits into a pocket, handbag or rucksack, and feels like it will stand up to moderate jostling. It has an attractive matt finish over most of the body with glossier detailing on the ends. It’s simultaneously stylish and unobtrusive.

With a 3.5mm headphone socket, the speaker is compatible with pretty much any mp3 player or smartphone; and like the X-Mini, the Scosche has been fitted out with both audio input and output, so you can daisy-chain multiple models. The manufacturer claims the rechargeable battery is good for seven hours of play.

Generally the audio quality is good for such a slimline and low-price unit, although inevitably there is less warmth and immediacy to the sound than you’d get with a full-size speaker.

Bass-heavy tracks were a slight disappointment, especially compared to the X-mini, with less punch than we like, and a ‘metallic’ feel. Female vocals had strong clarity, and we got a nice elastic snap with some funkier recordings. But our experiments with classical piano exposed a piercing, artificial sound.

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