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The Buffalo Soldier On Ear Headphones are part of the Jammin Collection from The House Of Marley. It’s interesting that since the success of Beats by Dr Dre there are lots of earphones inspired by, signed by, promoted by, and endorsed by a celebrity musician.

Dying in 1981 doesn’t seem to have stopped Bob Marley joining in on the act  either. It’s easy to be cynical at adding the great Reggae singers name  to a piece of consumer electronics, so let’s look at some of the positives. 

The earphones have good environmental credentials, are solid and have good build quality, decent audio quality and are reasonably priced.

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What we have here is a solid set of headphones for the ecologically minded amongst us. The headphones are made of recycled plastic, recycled aluminium, organic cotton and FSC Certified Sample Wood. It’s actually quite nice to have a set of headphones made from wood: they have a nice retro feel.

Buffalo Soldier Review  

The build quality is particularly nice. It’s clear that House Of Marley cares about its earphones.  The fit and finish of plastic and wood works well, and we liked the reggae styling of the cable (which is made of fabric: nice touch). The cable features the ubiquitous iPhone controls. 

According to the website the headphones have a Marley Signature Sound that is a result of 30 years of audio expertise. The sound does feel quite well tuned with solid bass, good mids and treble. The Buffalo Soldier earphones have good audio, not incredible, but solid for the price. To get more powerful bass you'd need to move up to another price bracket, like these Logitech UE 6000 headsets that cost £169 but deliver tremendous bass.

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They’re a good set of headphones but can’t help feel that the Bob Marley thing is a bit odd. Marley, for all his greatness, wasn’t particularly concerned with environmentalism (we’re sure he cared, but just he sang more about freedom and oppression). He seemed to be keener on burning up marijuana plants one at a time than saving the rainforest. And he wasn’t a noted sound engineer either, and it’s hard to imagine him setting up a headphone design and manufacturing company.

Still: if the Marley name floats your boat then you’ll find these a good set of headphones with decent audio quality. And if you’re into the environment you’ll appreciate what's on offer here. And they're a great looking set of headphones. Bob Marley would be proud.

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