Charge Anywhere full review

If you plug your phone in every night before bed, it takes an hour or so to fully charge, then greedily sucks up unrequired electricity, iGo claims. But iGo's Charge Anywhere uses clever technology to reduce wasted energy when it charges your iPhone, switching off as soon as the device is recharged.

The Charge Anywhere is fairly compact and feels quite rugged. It has three ports, two standard USB ports and one micro-USB port, and works with most mobile phones, Bluetooth headsets, MP3 players, portable gaming devices, and more. You just need to buy the extra tips for around £5.99 each. The Charge Anywhere isn’t equipped to charge an iPad, unfortunately, as an iPad charger needs 2.1A capability.

It’s easy to use. As a mains charger plug the unit into the wall and then your devices into it. As a portable charger, charge the unit until its red light turns blue, pull off the plug, and you're ready to plug in your mobile devices when they're out of juice. A fully charged Charge Anywhere will recharge an iPhone 4 around 1.5 times.

The device performs better with the iPhone 4 than with earlier iPhones. Our iPhone 3GS sucked the life out of a fully powered Charge Anywhere, a process that took two hours and still left the iPhone under 80 per cent ful.

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