Cygnett Unison i-TS full review

The Unison i-TS from Cygnett is a freestanding vertical speaker system for iPod, iPhone and MP3 player that the company hopes could be the centre piece for any room. Standing just under 3 feet high, the speaker offers a combined 48 watts of power in a shiny black design that's easy on the eye.

Sound is fine with the chance to adjust bass and treble to best suit your listening tastes, although some tracks appeared a touch muddy and unfocused despite tweaking the controls. The bass is also rather disappointing considering the size of the unit, with less boom than we'd like. The speaker, however, did perform well at low and high volume with no distortion when played as loud as we dare without upsetting the neighbours.

Cygnett Unison i-TS

The Unison i-TS comes with a commendable set of features, including 2.1 stereo channel output and composite/S-video output. A built in FM/AM radio offers decent reception and automatic tuning, although the inclusion of DAB would have been nice. A built-in clock display is useful while the alarm feature is great if you can find space in your bedroom for the speaker tower. Typical of most iPod and iPhone speaker systems, your device charges while docked.

While sleek, the sheer size of the Unison i-TS may deter some, although the speaker is fairly portable and can be moved from one position to another. The unit certainly benefits from finding a sweet spot in any room, as we discovered by trial and error during the review period. Build is okay, although for the price could be better, feeling a little cheap around the edges. The speaker comes with an attractive fully featured slimline remote, although you'll need good eyesight to spot iPod track listings across the room.

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