d-Jays full review

Headphones vendor Jays is managing to stand out from all its competitors by offering up quality product after quality product.

So these d-Jays earphones provide excellent sound at an affordable price. Like the a-Jays Two and t-Jays One, the d-Jays headphones have an ergonomic, slick design and come in four colours; black, white, sea green and maroon red.

Like all of the Jays’ range, silicone rubber sleeves are used. These earphones aren’t as good as headphones with active noise-cancelling technology, but the d-jays do reduce background noise to an acceptable level.

Four pairs of sleeves are included: XS, S, M and L. Other accessories in the box are a flight adaptor, carry case, stereo splitter (to listen with a friend) and an extension cord.

Audio quality is excellent: warm bass is balanced with detailed treble tones. Perhaps the only area where the earphones are let down is mid-tones, but it is still satisfactory. Incredible detail is audible: sounds that weren’t previously noticed in particular songs became apparent.

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