dLAN 500 AVplus full review

The dLan 500 AVplus is the latest addition to Devolo’s extensive range of Powerline products. The kit includes two adaptors to get you started, each of which just has a single Ethernet port on it. That means you can connect just one device to the internet, while some of its rivals let you connect three or even four devices.

However, the adaptors do provide a data transfer speed of 500Mbps. That may not be necessary for most people, but will appeal to more advanced users who may need to stream multiple video files around their home or office network.

The other advantage of this kit is that the adaptors also have ‘passthrough’ sockets for mains power – so you could charge your laptop computer off the mains and connect it to the internet at the same time.

Stream multiple files with the dLan 500 kit

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