DualHead2Go full review

Creative professionals have known for years that the acres of screen space created in a dual-monitor setup can enhance productivity. Outside of the creative industries, many users have wanted to connect multiple monitors to a MacBook but lacked an elegant solution. Matrox now offers a range of multiple monitor adaptors for any application.

We liked the fact that the DualHead2Go was a completely plug-and-play affair. Connecting two monitors to any MacBook is fast and easy. (Older MacBook users note that an additional cable – Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort adaptor – is needed to use the DP version of the DualHead2Go with your Mac.)

If you have a recent MacBook you’re ready to go with all the cables required in the box. You can check which adaptor you’ll need for your Mac and any additional cables that need to be purchased via a handy guide on the Matrox website (http://tinyurl.com/5s6vqo6).

The DP edition reviewed here supports two monitors – with a triple-head version also available that’s perfect for gamers – with a maximum resolution of 1,920 x 1,200 on each display, which must run at the same resolution. The included CD has only the Windows version of the PowerDesk software, but the Mac version is available on the Matrox website. This software enables you to adjust the screen resolution and control your desktop.

After working with even the largest MacBook Pro, once you see your desktop on two or more large-screen monitors there’s no going back. For deskbound users the Matrox will be a revelation, but mobile users can also benefit. The Matrox unit measures just 8.9 x 9.7 x 2.8cm and is lightweight making it easily transportable in your laptop bag.

The Matrox has a high-quality metal case and solid cable connections give you confidence that the system will deliver stable monitor performance. Older Mac users will have to purchase additional cabling, but if you’re running a new MacBook and are thinking about a multiple monitor setup, the Matrox range is ideal.

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